Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor. Colours can be verified also by visit real product from our gallery. Slight variations might occur between the sample and the finished product. These run to run dye lot variations are common to the manufacturing process, and within industry tolerances. They are not defect.

There is a 30% Restocking Fee for All Returned Material unless there is a manufacturing defect. This is standard for wallcovering distribution and is not an uncommon fee.

Upon receiving your wallpaper and prior to installation, please examine all goods immediately to make certain the pattern number (SKU), size and quality are satisfactory and as ordered. Claims must be declared within 7 days of receipt, no acceptations.

Absolutely no claims for labor or dye lot variations will be accepted.


All orders are subjected to acceptance and availability. If the goods ordered are not available, notification will be given and option to select the from stock with the equivalent value will be provided.

However, goods sold are not exchangeable and refundable.