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How to Choose
01 Blue
Blue affects human mind profoundly and it’s the perfect color for bedroom. This cool, quiet and reserved color can also represent formality.

It is best when paired with white or other lighter hues. Too much of blue can be depressing, so use it wisely.
02 Green
Color of nature. It also symbolizes hope, good luck and abundance. It is a cool friendly color that mixes well with many other colors. It looks great with white and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.
03 Red
Red is the color of fire, passion, danger and strength. This bold color stimulates and excites.

It can be warm and inviting and can also make you feel energetic. Avoid using too much red as it can be over-stimulating in the home.
04 Yellow
Yellow is the color of warmth, wisdom, prosperity, sympathy and cowardice. A room colored in yellow can look cheerful, friendly and airy. Avoid using it in large amounts as it can be over stimulating.